Training Division

The Training Program of the Bartlett Fire Protection District is designed to focus on and meet the training needs for all personnel, as well as meet the mandated initiatives from different agencies. The skill level and performance of all personnel is critical to the successful completion of the Bartlett Fire Protection District’s mission.

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The Training Program shall remain flexible and maintain the ability to adjust to the multiple training demands of the fire service. In addition, the Training Program will focus on the needs of different groups of personnel within the District, such as firefighters, paramedics, engineers, special teams, and officers.

The Training Division is comprised of Training Instructors that are members of the district who work under the direction and supervision of the Training Officer. Training Division responsibilities include: managing the Districts training program and creating and building training lesson plans for assorted types of training topics – including single company drills, multi-company drills, mutual and auto aid drills, and live fire evaluations. The Training Division also helps with the coordination of specialty team training, including the Technical Rescue Team, Hazardous Materials Team, Dive and Swiftwater Rescue Team, and the Fire Investigation Team.

Target Solutions Software

The Training Division decided to transition the documentation and delivery of the daily training program to Target Solutions software. Target Solutions is a web-based platform that enables the Bartlett Fire Protection District to maintain compliance with ISO and OSFM Training requirements, deliver curriculum and report training activities easily and efficiently.