Honor Guard

The Bartlett Fire District and the Bartlett Professional Firefighters Association Local 3982's Honor Guard is composed of devoted firefighters, who demonstrate their dedication to the fire service with a thorough understanding of their expected duty, demonstration of pride, sense of honor, and with the utmost of professionalism in their actions. They honor those who serve or have served our noble profession and when a fellow brother or sister has fallen in the line of duty, our members provide a line of duty death benefit by assisting and guiding in the performance of a fallen firefighter line of duty death funeral service. Although honoring fallen firefighters is the top priority, Honor Guard members are frequently called upon to represent the Fire District at various public functions, memorials, and other events when requested including honoring fallen firefighters throughout the State and Country. Each member completes a thorough induction training regimen prior to their acceptance to the Guard and they are required to fulfill minimum training requirements annually for the remainder of their membership. Their creed is their mindest, "To honor, to cherish, to remember, to salute with overwhelming pride, for you, my comrade, I will."

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