Fire Sign Request

When addresses are not clearly visible in rural areas, precious time can be lost during emergency responses. The Fire District exists for the purpose of providing you service and assistance, but we have to be able to find you first! The Bartlett Fire Protection District has tried to resolve this problem by providing rural residents the opportunity to request new fire signs if their current fire sign is damaged or unreadable.

Why should residents post a sign at the beginning of their driveway?

  • Emergency responders can only help you when they find your location.
  • Posting your address number provides easy identification of your location for responders who are not always exactly familiar with your area.
  • Every second counts during an emergency and posting your address number allows emergency responders to save critical time especially in reaching rural parts of the District.
  • Homes are often hidden from view at the beginning of the driveway, only posting numbers on your home does not help responders recognize where you live since they must first turn down your driveway to find your home.
  • Posting your address on a reflective sign is recommended by the Bartlett Fire Protection District.

Request a Fire Sign

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